What Is the Function of a Car Radiator?

Why You Should Always Use a Professional Auto Radiator Repair Service

To properly understand what exactly a car radiator does, it will help to understand the way an internal combustion engine works. A car’s engine has several moving components, and where there is movement, friction comes. This will create heat. Motor oil is sent through an engine block to provide lubrication, however, this is not enough to combat all of the heat. As a direct result, some parts of an engine become extremely hot.

This is where a radiator comes into it. The engine block has to be kept cool to prevent serious problems such as overheating and possible seizure. Should the pistons not slide in their cylinders because of excess friction, they will break and create engine failure. To prevent this, a regularĀ auto radiator repair service will add a mixture of water and anti-freeze that is pumped throughout the chambers of an engine block to take the excess heat away from crucial parts of the engine.

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