Why a Forklift Truck Needs a Radiator

Does a Forklift Us an Industrial Radiator or Just a Standard One?

A forklift truck’s industrial radiator is a device used to cool the engine. Like many other pieces of equipment which has an internal combustion engine, a forklift can get hot when working. The radiator keeps control of the forklift’s engine temperature, assuring it is kept within a safe operating heat. Radiators do, however, need repairing or replacing by a professional industrial radiator specialist over a course of years. But, it is possible to purchase parts straight from the manufacturer or company who makes after market parts.

The same as a radiator in a car, a forklift’s operates by sending hot liquids through several tubes. The tubes go through a device to create as much surface area as it can. Heat exchange takes place on the surface of these tubes and makes the liquids cool as it passes through its radiator.

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